Game of threads

Galerie Karouzou, Zurich, May 2018



Stella Meletopoulou is one of those artists, for whom painting seems to derive from a spontaneous inner process that gives her art a symbolic-spiritual character.

Her current work is a continuation of the “Invisible Threads” series (Skoufa Gallery, Athens, 2016), where she focused on a philosophical – metaphysical aspect of the world and her sourroundings, producing two- and three- dimensional works with symbolic elements-inlays woven with “invisible threads”, thus creating autonomous universes.

Through an evolutionary process of liberation, Meletopoulou returns with a new series of works entitled “Game of Threads” introducing the playing activity as an essential component of her creative act.

Drawing on both the physical and the inanimate world of the soul and mind, her art is characterized by signs and symbols, memories and associations interconnected by means of threads. Linear figures, organic and geometric forms, inlays of natural materials, ornaments made of fabric, paper or wood placed on an almost basic color palette, “walk shakily” on the stretched threads in an effort to balance, just like in life itself.

With references to some of the most prominent artists of the pioneering movements of the 20th century, such as Calder, Klee, Kadinsky, Meletopoulou composes elements that she transforms, giving space to her subconscious to freely create semi-abstract forms and “weave” playful visual narrations out of her life diary.

Meletopoulou’s playful geometry is characterized by a delicate sensitivity that touches the intangible, while at the same time generously invites the viewer to engage in a sincere and enthusiastic relationship, just like the one we had with our childhood mates.


Anna Chassanakou

    Art Historian