Paper Scissors on the Rocks


TWOS concept store,  August 2018, Paros


Alice: “I’ll play you for it. Rock, Paper, Scissors.”

Edward: “Why don’t you just tell me who wins?”

Alice: “I do. Excellent.”

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn


On the occasion of her exhibition “Paper, Scissors on the Rocks” in Paros, Stella Meletopoulou creates a new series, enriched with dense symbols, magic scriptures and hidden algorithms, casted with nested objects and children’s playthings.

Wall-mounted artworks with inlaid or painted elements and three-dimensional structureswith fragile swings scatter in the Cycladic white abbreviated summer episodes,cut and joined together with pieces of colored paper that recall the unparalleled geometric blue fragments of the Matisse collages,constructed and rebuilt through a painstaking and focused handicraft with dense cognitive vibrations and successive metaphorical congestions.

By skillfully using paper and scissors, by weaving memories and boxing snapshots of her own conceptual and tactile memory, Stella Meletopoulou creates active spectral autonomies and engraves alternative mapped paths, suggesting a rhythmic sequence of visual optical connections, twists and continuing turns of inner pictorial narratives.

Inlaid or adjusted on the surface of her artworks, thin straws, wooden matches and yarns slide between the cross-sections and the axles of the conceived space and the archetypal symbols of the fictional composition: the fish and the moon, the red summer hat and the blue-cobalt floating vessel, the inner echo of the human voice and the stretched musical chord slip subtly into the eye, swimming in newly created nodes of fluid plot and woven memory.

In this stereoscopic view of the world that takes place in Meletopoulou’s new series, summertime sculptures, marked margins of enlightened times, untreated emotional extractions, and reminiscent calendar leaves come out of an invisible treasure box and denature themselves in pictorial entities, expressing the dense and pious existence of the painter, from where the human measure and the rhythm of life never fall short.

In her works, the delightful Greek summer, is a young playful child. And the place defined here, with symbolic coordinates the suspended particles of the blue and the embodied Aegean luminosity is none other than the healing place of the soul and the mind.


Iris Kritikou

Curator of the exhibition